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About Den At Auckland

Den At Auckland is different from other guest houses, but it’s the face behind this beautiful property that really makes this place special.

Meet Den: The Owner of Den At Auckland

Den Drysdale has run a successful book business for almost 40 years. During that time, Den has also renovated a number of houses, including the Auckland Road Guest House, to a very high standard. Den has indulged in a number of interests and activities in addition to running Den At Auckland.

Cooking is his Passion

As a certified chef, Den can often be found in the kitchen crafting a delicious meal. This is good news for residents of Den At Auckland, who are sometimes treated to these creations. (He’s currently taking a course on Chinese cuisine.) In the evenings, you can frequently find him listening to folk music or playing guitar himself.

Never a dull evening

Aided by his love of local history, Den is definitely a people person. He’s always up for listening to (or telling) a good story. They might even be about boats or his time in The Merchant Navy.

About Den At Auckland

Located just a five minutes’ walk from Doncaster’s Town Centre, Den at Auckland offers guest house accommodation that is close to the Doncaster Racecourse, bus and train station, and  has everything your heart desires. In addition to the large communal kitchen (with all the modern conveniences) and luxurious communal room, you’ll find cable TV and high speed WiFi. Outside, you’ll find a secluded garden that’s perfect for enjoying Britain’s beautiful spring and summer days.

Comfortable Accommodation

In each of the home’s five large bedrooms, you’ll find a comfortable double bed and computer desk that’s perfect for surfing the Web or getting some work done. There is also ample wardrobe and storage space for anything you bring with you. The home’s smaller bedroom has a single bed and everything the large bedrooms have.

Safe and Regulated

Den At Auckland is also HMO Certified, which means it has met all the regulations, rules and requirements necessary for a successful (and safe) guest house. These include a state of the art fire alarm system and fire-proof doors and a new central heating system for keeping warm on chilly British winter nights. (You can request a full list of the requirements and features from Den.) Den At Auckland operates a no smoking policy throughout the premises, inside and outside – including the rear gardens.